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100 years of NFL – General curiosities

100 years of NFL – General curiosities

National Football League is a traditional league in the United States that attracts a lot people and the focus is to give attention to sport.

Not only give attention to sport but make people and everybody be together in a good atmosphere with new perspectives of enjoy and cultural.

NFL is a league that day by day earns more fans and has all stories behind of it.

All the scenarios behind these 100 years are based in details of how people achieve their goals nowadays and how they improved.

Teams that are in this league gone thru for difficulties, challenges and proves that made them to be stronger nowadays.

With 100 years is not just numbers but efforts, competition and war inside of each person to become better day by day.

Sport is not just connection to play, is connection with soul and people.

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Below some points to clarify:

Some of best players during 100 years

During the story of NFL had very good players, some of them had good story and even nowadays they are still remembered.

Marino in decade of 1990 played for Miami Dolphins and he was the responsible to dominate the touchdown.

He did not have many games in Super Bowl but one that he has he was the responsible for almost 30 strategies in all game.

A simple guy from Chicago Butkus was a real power in the games.

For the opposite teams he had a strong influence and every time that he gone to play a game the opposite team had like fear.

His presence was very strong and made the other people feel this way.

Johnny was very good player for arm support, his nickname was called golden arm; he was so strong and had a very good presence.

Sanders were other player that until nowadays people remember him, he had many awards during his journey.

His career was not too long; he gave priorities to other things before year 2000.

Joe Montana was a player that is remembered how he was cool in the games, all his partners felt comfortable and with good atmosphere with him.

Usually people called him the cool guy, because even with difficult games he made the people feel warmer in that situation.

During all these years, NFL had every type of players.

That is what make this league to be very different and with huge diversity.

In link below you can see the oldest players.


Changes during 100 years NFL

With all this time passing a lot things happened, but is important to remember good and important changes during this transaction.

About more racial integration, this in past was something very controversy.

Almost all teams’ coaches and players were almost exclusively white.

Near of 1950 this stopped to happen, some teams started to hire good people and with different color to start the diversity.

And to have more respect with all races.

Before NFL did not have a good schedule and programs for games, was not correct day and even teams outside the league could play.

Were without organization the games, and with time passing, changed with correct dates and of course only teams that are really active.

They do not accept other teams that are not part of the league.

Before the level of salaries was too low, what could cause not satisfactory situations and problems between people.

People were offering the job so they need improvement in their economic situation.

With passing years the salaries and economic situations were adjusting and making people to be more attractive to develop activities.

International expansion happened during these days, before this type of game was only in America or some Europe areas.

Nowadays all the world knows this league.

And changes and improvement did not stop.

Please check link below for improvement related to teams.


Challenges during 100 years for NFL

NFL is a big league with very important moments and during these years was not easy to keep them in active way.

Before in past the global challenge was to align people and teams to have better strategy and merchandising.

But nowadays only this is not enough and there is not correct or wrong to be applied.

The decisive moments and challenges was to keep the NFL for all these years, investing in marketing, new strategies for new places know it.

Is one of biggest events of sport of world, so the investment for shows, to be more connected in online and digital marketing.

And be always having interaction with new attractions and investing more money with diversity and to attract more people.

Where started the roots of NFL?

The roots started in United States of America in year of 1920 was in Ohio, which that area did not have any connection or interest in it.

This type of sport in that region was not attractive and people did not have lot knowledge about it.

All the games started with employees, normal people that liked to play between each other football without any idealism of competition.

During the years passing, some companies started to invest in some simple teams and it reached the number of 46.

But before this sport was not seem as a professional and was just hobby, then some universities get in these projects making people to note differences.

The differences were that you could have a normal professional and earn money with football.

After all these process appeared new leagues of this sport with different people and was possible to note the improvement and changes.

All changes came because people started to have more ideas about this sport and to respect more it as a official one.

The roots came from a small place of America, and now are expanded to around the globe.

For you have better look of all story, please access the link below.


What to expect for next 100 years?

For next year’s what to expect for NFL is the continuous relation with people and for sure new people.

This entire story made success in a long period and for sure will extend for other generations and for new people.

The priority is to give more recognizing about this beautiful sport and attract more people.

Expect more investments, shows, innovations and new generations to play.

And of course more emotions for around the globe giving and offering all this love for sport.

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