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Super Bowl – Worst Moments

Super Bowl – Worst Moments

Super Bowl is a huge event and incredible but sometime happen some moments that was not expecting or planned.

Have very good memories but some moments stay in the bad side too.

Sometimes can be considered like a show that was not the best performance or some position of a player.

What is positive on it, is that are things that can happen for people improve and get better and not make the same mistakes again.

And if suddenly happen new mistakes, try to correct them as soon as possible.

Below you will find some definitions of worst moments in Super Bowl.

Below some points to clarify:

What are considered bad moments for Super Bowl?

Super Bowl had thousand moments that can stay in the memory of people, but some of them can be remember and connected until nowadays.

Happened cases that some player had the objective to humiliate the game, that even can affect some celebrities.

All this that happen make people laugh and sometimes to cry, because are in the memory not good.

In a concert with Janet Jackson happened a problem with her clothes, her body got exposed and some people say that this was for marketing.

Other people say that this happened by accident, until nowadays this doubt still exists.

But the moment was not comfortable for her and for who were watching, especially because the focus is not leave kids to see it.

A player was responsible for most embarrassing moments and he had the biggest mistake in this game.

John Kasay hooked the kickoff and this for NFL is considered a big penalty and makes the team to lose some points.

Other problem that happens was with Garo, he was considered the worst passing given to the team.

Some players did not execute the quarterback properly and caused to some teams to lose.

Gannon had a record, what was maybe to celebrate, became a worst record in the story.

He gave lot interceptions but in the end he did not have success in the team, so this mean independent of quantity of interceptions.

This was not the best alternative to the moment.

Smith was a very good player but sometimes the interceptions and receiving from people was not the best option at all.

Happened sometimes when he fell in the ground, and was considered one of worst drops in the game.

Some singers sometimes do not remember the letter of songs or just forget.

This case happened to Christina Aguilera that for a moment she forgot the song and needed a help.

But above all these moments, there is the option of people vote and consider terrible actions.

Please check link below.

How Super Bowl faced these moments?

Is not easy for anybody just to face moments that they were not expecting, but in this case there are some ways to protect.

For some players that they do not do the movements in correct way is better they divert the people or to focus in other things.

Is not easy or nice to stay concentrating in these things, because the focus in the game is to entertainment people.

And not make laugh or bad moments of memory.

The first initiative and other alternatives is to try to achieve the best moments.

So all the moments that were not predicted were faced in a normal way and sometimes still are remembering.

Like any other common situation in life is important to go thru for this and not stay remembering bad moments.

With more entertainment and attention, things can be definitely in the correct place.

The number one on top of worst moments

The worst moments can be voted and considered in general for people in Super Bowl.

But what is worst is when a game happens and the team has everything to win and just happen a tragedy.

Some of bad moments happened with some teams that was almost winning and then suddenly lost.

The main reason is to get almost the finish score and not make it.

Below some examples of teams that are related to worst moment.

Happened with Buffalo Bills, was in the final decisive but the yard did not work.

Tennessee they were nearly of a point line but in the end did not happen.

For more curiosities, please access the link below.

What is more memorable worst or good moments?

Depends of which side of situation people are able to see, for you compare the memorable moments with worst is not the perfect mix.

To be more memorable in this situation is good if have look in the positive side of all situations.

Because positive made people to have more happiness and better moments.

People usually use the worst moments to judge some situations but this is not the correct way.

To be memorable is always recommended to achieve good moments, so in general people always remember the good teams.

The awards, the best players and more emotional moments than the bad ones.

The most important is to get focus in what was past but how achieve the improvement on it.

For have better positive view, let s take a look in the memorable moments, link below.

Can happen more worst moments?

As soon the game is happening and all these events are having space and moments the possibility to happen new mistakes is big.

Because as soon they are people involved and want or not when everything is happening full time.

There is the possibility to have worst moments, but what is good to keep is the story since nowadays.

If happen new worst moments is something to be improved from past and to see forward to not be a historic moment.

Probability exists, but this not means that the reality will happen and if really get to the reality, the most important is to move.

Moving forward and having memories is something very important to all stories.

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