Super Bowl – Rules of american football 【Click】

Super Bowl – Rules of american football

Super Bowl – Rules of american football

Super Bowl is a very important event that involves a lot people on it.

Not just people but teams and all other structures for things to happen.

But in all this included need to have some rules, some of them are very complicated for who does not have idea.

For others can be simple when is related to this game, so in this article will be very important and we will have a better view of rules.

Rules connected to American football.

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Below some information:

Introduction for American football

American football consists in a serie of downs, individual strategic of short duration, inside and outside.

These strategies can be played by passes, runs and other movements that can do to get the score.

If you want to replace a player you can do, but there is a time and is not all time that is allowed to stay changing players.

Depends of every situation and particular ones, coaches usually decide for the best situation    .

The objective of the game is to score more points in a period. They have players and want to advance yards.

Usually points are scored by advancing the ball into the opponents, can be used a touchdown or kicking the ball.

If the other team has possession, the defense attempts to prevent the offense from advancing the ball and scoring.

So during the game there is a lot options that can be changed and adjusted according to the necessity of team.

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Equipments for game

To be inside the game will be 11 players and usually is made up of 45 players in total.

Usually they have three groups of attack usually smaller, stronger, and faster and can include a quarterback that is very important position to attack.

Every player has his responsibility for position and for the game, usually the American football is around 100 yards and there are the limits.

Usually the limits are the end zones and for play all these positions need equipments.

Start with the avoid ovoid ball, the format is appropriate to play the game, and need to be strong and possible to play.

Helmet, that means an integrated face mask, mouth guard and particular shock absorbents.

Shoulder pads, a key equipment with hard outer that usually is made by plastic and gives the players a broad-shouldered vision.

Arm pads, to help the players with more movements and being free.

Rib pads, is to distribute the shock and is designed to normalize players.

Thigh and knee pads usually are made of plastic and stitched inside the pants.

Hip and tailbone pads, into the pouches of the belt worn and usually stay under the pants.

Gloves, are more than important, not just to protect the hands, but to have more powerful to attack the ball.

Jersey usually the players name and number are mentioned for their team color.

Pants, usually the material that they used if nylon and all the safety material is provided.

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Overview of rules

Games usually for four quarters of 15 minutes, usually they give a break of 2 minutes and then come back again with 15 minutes.

Every team will have the right of 4 downs to gain 10 or more yards. They can do different strategy or to run the ball depending of situation.

Happen hundreds of different plays, that can cause run or down. Usually plays are made to be more strategic in game.

The players will be running all time and all over the place and the coach always stay giving instruction to the team attack other one.

To start every game what is the decisive point is the coin, it will decides which team will receives the ball first.

And will begin with a kick-off that is a position to put the ball down and to give the rush for other team to run with the ball as faster they can.

When the fourth happens down can happen some options to offence, they can try to make up the yard or to just send the ball out, kick out.

This all depends the position of team, usually is with 40 yards that will make the opposite resulting in a goal attempt.

But with the game happening, can have other options and positions.

Some definitions for touchdown, kick, etc.

A touchdown is considered when a team take the football to the opposite side when is the end line and zone.

And it happens when the ball goes thru the goal line. Usually this is the most important moment in the game.

Usually this happen and is scored by running or sometimes just passing the ball, who is responsible for it, is a rushing player.

Have more strategic players to do the touchdown, but other ones can do it too, like some of them that are in defense.

In general any play can carry the ball around and scores.

Usually when this happen the team earns 6 points and with this can make extra points if there is the opportunity in the game.

The position is vertical where is possible to be in vertical above head.

Kick is the action or act to propelling the ball, usually is with foot, but in this sport can be with both.

This method you can score but the only objective is to make the goal or to earn points.

Is when you throw the ball away to try to go to the opposite side of game.

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The rules changed during years?

During these years rules changed and stayed more focus in organization.

Before some positions or players did not have freedom to play and game was more violence than entertainment.

Nowadays have all in the right place, strategy, run and focus in the moment to earn points.

Before did not have a correct numbers of players, the positions in game was not clear.

Some teams did not know to make simple movements in the game.

Can be considered a huge improvement during the years, not just because years changed, but people had more organization.

And the priority is to win but in a health way.

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