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Super Bowl Records

Super Bowl Records

Super Bowl is a very important event that is included around the globe and has destination to have more people and show the interest in sport.

The game is made to all people be in contact and of course to give value to players that are having the opportunity to be in the game.

All the moments are memorable, as soon the people are in the same atmosphere is a great moment to good things happen.

Here you will find some great moments and later we will resume the most important records.

Below some information:

What can be types of records?

Record is some evidence or can be called a thing constituted a piece of some evidences that happened in past.

And this can be kept in written records to make a way to be in permanent form.

Super Bowl there are a lot types of records that can make a good and memorable story.

Can be separated in individual’s players and team records.

For individuals can have service, most appearances, most games, and most wins as a kicker, oldest player, and youngest player.

Can have for most points, long scoring, touchdowns in a general or single game.

What is important is not to forget the longest play, highest passer, lowest, most attempts, more competitions, highest completion career.

For most passing yards, longest pass, fewest pass, highest average gain, lowest percentage, passes and interception.

Rushing, most attempts, longest touchdown, most receptions, fumbles, defense, most interceptions.

Most sacks, most safeties all this is for individuals players.

But for teams can have kickoff returns, highest ones and of course relations with touchdowns.

Can have teams with more appearance in the games, most consecutive victories, most wins without to lose.

Or some records can be related to most common match.

But there are other interesting points, that is like unexpected records.

Please check link below.

Who was the player with best record?

The best player and record happened in Super Bowl XXIX and was a game between San Francisco and San Diego Chargers.

During a period with NFC Championship, happened losses to the champion Dallas Cowboys, was a team of San Francisco.

They faced lot teams like Dallas and finally faced the team San Diego Chargers.

The quarterback Steven Young was the best player not just in that game, but until nowadays what he did is remembered.

He had great performance against the Chargers.

Completed almost all passes and perfect and six touchdowns passes and cannot miss his performance during the game.

Being in all areas and give assistance to the team, he is the best record of players.

Passes in the game 24 of 36 totals for 325 yards and ran for a game with 49 yards on five carries.

With these amazing numbers, he became the number 1 in Super Bowl.

And other very important information, he is the most expansive player in the entire league.

To know more about his story, please check link below.

Who was the team with best record?

There have been more than 53 Super Bowls played in the past, a lot games with different feelings and atmosphere.

In past were between the AFL and NFL, and since that day the world championships started the official games.

And almost the half of teams in the NFL never won the Super Bowl and some other ones never appeared on the title game.

Teams that had more wins were Patriots, Steelers, Cowboys, 49ers, Packers, Giants, Broncos, Raiders, Redskins, Dolphins, and Colts.

And to finish the list can include Ravens, Rams, Seahawks, Eagles, Chiefs, Bears, Jets, Buccaneers, and Saints.

These were the best teams that had opportunity to win some games.

For more details about this issue, please check link below.

And there is other side of the situation, in some cases there are some teams that even did not have the opportunity to appear.

Are teams that never been in Super Bowl or had any name related to big games.

Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars and Houston Texans.

Who knows one day, they can be more connected and have better improvement and attention to be in Super Bowl.

Who is the best and actual record?

For everybody and for midia around the globe, Super Bowl the best record and actual nowadays and a very good example for new generation.

His name is Tom Brady, he is the greatest player of this new generation and will be hard to find other like him.

He was great numbers and cause a lot impacts in games. He did a big and very good revolution specially focused in the receiver position.

He has a very high level of dominance, maybe will not find anymore a player with better overall than him.

He started his career with college type and became a very good and special player.

All his number shows that he came to stay and to be remembered for next years.

He and his team New England Patriots are in very good position and has all admiration in this sport.

For check all his numbers in this sport and to have better overview, please check link below.

Will have more records?

Yes, will have more records, as long all these players are on it and offering improving and fighting for better results.

Records can appear anytime, with news and especially new bets.

For this year have a lot hope and to watch new games.

New ideas or bets, please take a look in the link below.

With big teams playing in their biggest teams for sure will have very good performances.

For new records is important to give to people freedom and do not take records as a priority, the most important is to watch the game and enjoy.

Records will come as consequence of the games, but this is not the most important, because the priority is to enjoy the games!

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