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Super Bowl – Last Champions

Super Bowl – Last Champions

Super Bowl is the event that makes a lot people to be connected with it and it has a huge connection with all type of people.

Every season is different and bring more emotions and people to be more attractive for this type of event.

But what is most important in all this is the way that game gives entertainment to people, and the focus is the champions.

Who is the team that made people to be happy and give them a very good time.

And the previous of this event is like represent the average of nine to the ten most-watch shows in US television.

This can be considered the biggest and impressive event.

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Below some points to clarify:

What is to be champion?

To be champion is the most important connection that can have in the game.

Teams usually fight for this and can achieve their goals with a lot effort and determination.

Be this title does not mean only to have a good behavior inside the game or outside, this included preparation of coaches.

And teams in general, so the most important to teams be champions are the preparation and how they are ready to face challenges.

Champion is not just to achieve award, is to recognize the challenges and check the opportunities around.

Since 1966 Super Bowl has thousand options of championship and the game is like a collection of surprising and new players and teams.

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Champions of 1960 to 1970

In 1967 the winning team Green Bay Packers had a game against Kansas City Chiefs, and this was surprise because who was expected was other result.

People thought that Kansas City would win the game and bring a good award.

The event happened in Los Angeles with more than 60.000 to watch, was a big date and event.

In 1968 in different season they won again, but this time was against Oakland Raiders, and the game was in Miami.

This definitely was the real signal that the team was ready for more seasons, because to have more than two opportunities and consecutives.

Would be very important to have this privilege to win but two times, in this case this team would be a reference in Super Bowl.

1969 all changed and even the games, Baltimore Colts had the opportunity but lose for New York Jets and the event was huge one.

Happened in Miami too, the same than the last one.

On 1970 Kansas City became one of the favorite ones with a very good play and nice opportunity.

They won against Minnesota Vikings and this happened in a beautiful stadium the Tulane in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The years until 1970 was introduced for teams that was having a lot modification and especially the way of strategies.

These games were very important to have new impressions of people and to teams reach in their limit.

And proving their diversity with other opportunities and started the Super Bowl create an effective story.

This event is in the story and needed to have a definition of new standards to become a recognized one.

After all these mix on teams was important to people note that could be for long years.

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Champions of 1980 to 1990

On 1980 had more opportunities and teams to get in the new games and different options to play.

After the organization of the event be in the standard and with clear rules then could be possible to give more opportunities to other people.

Pittsburgh Steelers won on January the game against Los Angeles Rams, and then the location of game changed.

They preferred to be in California, before the preference for games was in Miami.

Oakland Raiders won against Philadelphia Eagles and the event happened on Louisiana and was very good to people.

Some of them did not believe in the potential or Raiders and thought the Eagles could be strong one.

On the years 1980 had lot games and opportunities to know more about teams and to adjust the necessities of them.

Champions of 1900 to 2000

On 1990 there are more teams that got attention of people; this was the case of San Francisco 49ers that won against Cincinnati Bengals.

San Francisco already had the recognize of people but after won these games became one of favorite teams.

Even some people started to have the admiration for it because of good games that they did during this period.

The matches happened in New Orleans and were a very good average for people almost 75.000.

This was very good number achieved and attracted a lot people because was different teams that had the opportunity to be in the final.

New York Giants and Buffalo Bills did a great game in Florida, with a lot people, but who won was New York.

Bringing back the trust in the team and fixed the name in the event.

On 1993 and 1994 Dallas Cowboys won twice and had the opportunity to be one of favorite teams in the decade.

Next years 1996 and 1997 Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay was who won.

On the end of decade appeared Denver Broncos that played in California and Florida.

To close all the period on 2000 St. Louis Rams won against Titans and did a great game achieving the trust and prestige of people.

What to expect for next champions?

For next champions expect more surprise and teams being more prepared for every season.

What is affirmative now to expect new generation and the couches being with more attention in the teams.

The players usually are being more prepared and more trusted in their potential.

The proportion of event brings a new fresh atmosphere every year.

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